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In memoriam Bernhard Wilpert

Lupe [1]

This website is dedicated to the memory and legacy of
Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. Bernhard Wilpert.

Obituary [2]

Bernhard Wilpert (1936 –2007), one of the most renowned European social scientists, died of leukemia on August 20, 2007. His ashes were committed to the earth in a solemn ceremony at the Friedhof Heerstrasse in Berlin, Germany. With his death, the psychological community lost an inspiring colleague and a productive researcher, but many of us lost, above all, a most amiable and cordial friend. He is survived by his wife Czarina and children Gregory and Karin. more to: Obituary [3]

Curriculum vitae

Bernhard Wilpert's Curriculum Vitae [4]

Collaborating with Bernhard

Thoralf Ulrik Qvale on Industrial Democracy in Europe - IDE [5]
Robert Roe on Networking in W&O [6]
Gerhard Becker on The Development of the SOL Method [7]

Selected literature

The Role of social contracts in cross-cultural research (Int. Rev. Appl. Psych., 1980) [8]

Inside Story: Inside IDE (Organization Studies, 1981) [9]

European Perspectives in Psychology (Wiley, 1990) [10]

Organizational Behavior (Annual Review of Psychology, 1995) [11]

Selected Publications


  • Wilpert, B. (1961). Hilfe für Entwicklungsländer. Mannheim: Pesch-Haus Verlag, 1961.
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  • Wilpert, B. (with Meaning of Working - MOW International Research Team) (1988). Meaning of Working - an international view. London: Academic Press.
  • Wilpert, B. (with IDE - International Research Group) (1993). Industrial Democracy in Europe Revisited. Oxford: Oxford University Press.
  • Kao, H.S.R., Sinha, D. & Wilpert, B. (1999) Management and Cultural Values: The Indigenization of Organizations in Asia. Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage
  • Büttner, T., Fahlbruch, B. & Wilpert, B. (2003). Sicherheitskultur - Konzepte und Analysemethoden. Krönig: Asanger.

Edited Books

  • Negandhi, A.R. & Wilpert, B. (Eds.) (1978) Work Organization Research: American and European Perspectives. Kent, OH: Kent State University Press.
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  • Wilpert, B. (2007). Psychology and Design Processes. Safety Science, 45, 293-303.

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