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TU Berlin

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Dr. Felix Wilhelm Siebert


Wissenschaftlicher Mitarbeiter Forschung und Lehre

Sekr. F7
Raum F 422
Marchstraße 12
10587 Berlin
+49 (0)30/314-22967
felix.siebert (at) tu-berlin.de
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Mitgliedschaften & Aktivitäten




Journal Articles

Siebert, F. W., Klein, J. E., Rötting, M., & Roesler, E. (2020). The influence of distance and lateral offset of Follow Me Robots on user perception. Frontiers in Robotics and AI, 7, 74. [DOI] [Open Access Paper]

Zeng, Z., Siebert, F.W., Venjakob, A., & Roetting, M. (2020). Calibration-free gaze interfaces based on linear smooth pursuit. Journal of Eye Movement Research13(1). [DOI][Open Access Paper]

Siebert, F. W., & Lin, H. (2020). Detecting motorcycle helmet use with deep learning. Accident Analysis & Prevention, 134. [DOI] [Accepted Manuscript] [Supplementary Data 1, 2, 3]

Siebert, F. W., Radtke, F., Kiyonaga, E., & Hoeger, R. (2019). Adjustable Automation and Manoeuvre Control in Automated Driving. IET Intelligent Transport Systems[DOI] [Accepted Manuscript]

Siebert, F.W. & Wallis, F.L. (2019). How speed and visibility influence preferred headway distances in highly automated driving. Transportation Research Part F: Traffic Psychology and Behaviour, 64, 485-594. [DOI] [Accepted Manuscript]

Siebert, F. W., Albers, D., Naing, U. A., Perego, P., & Santikarn, C. (2019). Patterns of motorcycle helmet use–A naturalistic observation study in Myanmar. Accident Analysis & Prevention124, 146-150. [DOI] [Accepted Manuscript]

Siebert, F. W., Oehl, M., Bersch, F., & Pfister, H. R. (2017). The exact determination of subjective risk and comfort thresholds in car following. Transportation research part F: traffic psychology and behaviour46, 1-13. [DOI] [Accepted Manuscript]

Siebert, F. W., Oehl, M., & Pfister, H. R. (2014). The influence of time headway on subjective driver states in adaptive cruise control. Transportation research part F: traffic psychology and behaviour25, 65-73. [DOI] [Accepted Manuscript]

Roidl, E., Siebert, F. W., Oehl, M., & Höger, R. (2013). Introducing a multivariate model for predicting driving performance: The role of driving anger and personal characteristics. Journal of safety research47, 47-56. [DOI] [Accepted Manuscript]



Siebert, F.W., Oehl, M., Höger, R., & Pfister, H.-R. (2013). Discomfort in Automated Driving – The Disco-Scale. In C. Stephanidis (Ed.), Posters, Part II, HCII 2013, CCIS 374 (pp. 337-341). Heidelberg, Germany: Springer.

Oehl, M., Siebert, F.W., Tews, T.-K., Höger, R., & Pfister, H.-R. (2011). Improving Human-Machine Interaction – A Non-Invasive Approach to Detect Emotions in Car Drivers. In J. A. Jacko (Ed.), Human-Computer Interaction, Part III, HCII 2011, LNCS 6763 (pp. 577-585). Heidelberg, Germany: Springer.Tews, T.-K.,

Oehl, M., Siebert, F.W., Faasch, H., & Höger, R. (2011). Cues from Facial Expressions for Emotional Interfaces. In D. de Waard, N. Gérard, L. Onnasch, R. Wiczorek, & D. Manzey (Eds.), Human Centred Automation (pp. 111-122). Maastricht, the Netherlands: Shaker Publishing.

Tews, T.-K., Oehl, M., Siebert, F.W., Höger, R., Faasch, H. (2011). Dynamic Emotion Detection and its Application to Emotional Interfaces in Cars. In M. J. Smith, & G. Salvendy (Eds.), Human Interface and the Management of Information, Part I, HCII 2011, LNCS 6771 (pp. 641-650). Heidelberg, Germany: Springer.

Oehl, M., & Siebert, F.W. (2010). Designing Small Touch-Screen Devices: The Impact of Display Size on Pointing Performance. In H. Khalid, A. Hedge, & T. Z. Ahram (Eds.), Advances in Ergonomics Modeling and Usability Evaluation (pp. 202-211). Boca Raton, FL: CRC Press – Taylor & Francis.

Siebert, F.W., Oehl, M., & Pfister, H.-R. (2010). The Measurement of Grip-Strength in Automobiles: A New Approach to Detect Driver’s Emotions. In W. Karwowski, & G. Salvendy (Eds.), Advances in Human Factors, Ergonomics, and Safety in Manufacturing and Service Industries (pp. 775-783). Boca Raton, FL: CRC Press – Taylor & Francis.

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